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Welcome to Beautiful Tübingen - Host city of International Afrika Expo & Festival (IAEF) since 2007

Tübingen is located in Baden-Württemberg, Southern Region of Federal Republic Germany with Stuttgart as it capital city. The  Minister President  Baden-Württemberg, Kretschmann Winfrey in his word of greetings 2016 to IAEF expressed his gratitude to the organizers for their engagement and huged the citizens of Tübingen and Baden-Württemberg in general to attend IAEF as this even offers opportunities for common learning and sharing as a collective. He emphasized on the relevance of IAEF and its contribution to Burundi / Baden-Württemberg developmental cooperation and Partnership, as IAEF offers its platform as gate way to information, contact and education on their 30yrs relationship to Africa.

Tübingen University Town, with its Small steps, narrow alleys and pointed gables shape the silhouette of old Tübingen on the way up to its castle. The Swabian university town of about 90,000 inhabitants and 27,000 students combines the flair of a lovingly restored medieval centre with the colorful bustle and typical atmosphere of a young and cosmopolitan students’ town.

Its Numerous sidewalk cafes, wine taverns and cozy students’ pubs, special shops, restaurants and taverns invite visitors to stroll around and to pause here and there. Taking a boat trip in a famous “Stocherkahn“ – the boat exclusive to Tübingen navigated by a long wooden pole – offers a scenic view of the picturesque Neckar waterfront with the famous Hölderlin Tower.

Africa in Germany ( Case Study Tübingen, University Town)

Many will mostly disagree with this statement but fact is, to get a better understanding on Germany’s open door culture and diversity you need to come to Tübingen. His Excellency, Abdu Ousman Abubakar – Nigerian Ambassador to Nigeria 2013 on his visit at IAEF said…Events such as IAEF, one would taught that such big event have taken place in Berlin (Capital City ) of Germany not in a province like Tübingen. 20 atleast of the African Ambassadors in Berlin Germany have visited IAEF Tübingen and connected with the city council authorities for deals and collaborations.

The Africa in Tübingen

Tübingen, University Town is likened to Buea University city, Southern Region of Cameroon, Moshi University Town in Tanzania, both city characterizes a mini Africa in Nature, inhabitants, colorful, diversity and ecology. Simple, organic and nature full is the spirit that welcomes you in Tübingen as well as same spirit of Africa here in the city also known for its night life culture, sons and daughters of Tübingen are extremely happy and smart. It s University has produced great Almaters German Presidents amongst other Horst Köhler who actually lamented on the fact that IAEF  came at a time when he had graduated and had wished, IAEF did happene during his student days in Tübingen.

Apart from the cities look a like attributes, Tübingen’s developmental cooperation and partnership with Africa is very significant and diverse – Church, Healthcare, University and School Partnerships, offers its citizens an insight, relationship and contacts to the African continent.

Boris Palmer, Lord Major Tübingen

Level headed Smart, Intelligent and open as compared to other compatriots, Boris Palmer is super sexy and cool dynamic leader when it comes to intercultural competence amongst others. Come see how he mingles, dance, eat and receives visitors at IAEF each edition at his availability. During his opening speech at IAEF 2010 first edition in Tübingen, welcome and encouraged visitors and citizens to take the opportunity to mingle, learn and share joy during the festival days. He has since then been supportive in attending every edition at his availabilty, after this two dfficult pandemic years, we are once more happy and excited to meet and greet again at IAEF 2022.

Tübingen – We love, Appreciate and Respect You!

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