Call for Participation


Welcome to UMOJA WA’FRIKA Travel and Tourism Expo.  Culture without tourism does not exist!  We look forward to welcoming Exhibitors and delegates from the 54 African countries. We also have a stage for your promotion and exposure should you be accompanied by cultural Acts such as Artist, dance group..  

Fill out the Registration and we shall get back to you. 


UMOJA WA’FRIKA Ubuntu Afrika Marketplace offers traders with goods, products and services a platform to sell, connect and do deals. Product category amongst others are brands, decorations, gift article, souvenirs, music instruments and others. Trader book empty space and bring along their tents for construction, traders coming from Africa and other regions are required to book tables – min space is 3x3m = 9m2


Exhibitors rates include Facility min 3x3m = 9m2 for product sampling, brochures, prospectus, backdrop, roll ups.  Table Space comprising of 3 tables + 1 in bench, 2 tables + 1 bench, 1 table + 1 bench