Call for Participation


Applications for Participation are open to   Film Makers from the Southern Region of Cameroon. 

Films have played an important role in developing a post-Independence African identity as well as source revenue generation.

They have served as an important channel for portraying the socio-economic and political realities of the African society with changing times. Films have a permeating impact on the psyche of a common Africans, who often identified himself with the leading characters of the film, be it a hero or a heroine. Cinema is an integral part of life for most Africans.

It is not a distant two to three hours of distraction but a vicarious lifestyle for them. Films provides an alternative and an escape from the realities of day-to-day life, particularly for regions undergoing crisis

Cinema today is popular not only in metropolitan cities but also in smaller cities, towns and villages due to enhancement of modern technology. 



Dr Susan Tatah excellence Awards (ENIE) seeks to showcase young talented creators in the sector of Cinema and Film.

ENIE shall focus on specific countries and region, especially regions that are currently undergoing challenges. 

ENIE seeks to motivate, empower,  appreciate and encourage films makers particularly youth through recognition and promoting these talents on the global space. 

African film  makers are making films that are no longer confined to geographical boundaries of their country, but has become a global enterprise relating to international narratives and stories. 




The Southern Region of Cameroon has been in crisis since time in memorial. As a native and refugee from the Southern region of Cameroon, found myself in Germany as a refugee, fleeing from the crisis. 

The challenges currently going on in this country is my reality and our responsibility to contribute in making a positive change by every means neccessary  means to create impact and share solidarity. 

It is in the regard Dr Susan Tatah excellence Award (ENIE) is aimed at enhancing and creating bridges of social and cultural understanding between Southern Cameroons Region and other countries. 



Film Makers are encourage to register by filling out the registration form, select and upload their films for selection. Interested are requested to respect deadlines so as to facilitate the first process which shall comprise of general criterias that shall be set by the selection commitee under the supervision of Dr Susan Tatah.

After the submission procedure, our team of carefully selected researchers shall work on the selection process through modalities such as the story line, message, quality, components and character of the producers. Criterias for selection amongst others are that the applicants are from the Southern Region of Cameroon, they must be atleaset 18yrs of age, respect deadlines for submission.



Awardee shall be announced after they agree to accepting the awards. All participants shall be awarded atleast with a certificate of participation. Goal of the award is to encourage, empower and motivate youth in the talent industry to use Arts as a means of living. The winner shall be selected based on fan base and voting via their social media platforms etc. He /She shall be expected to attend the award ceremony in Germany upon which all movies shall be the festival highlights - through live streaming screens during the Open-Air Festival days

Selected Movies shall gain international awareness and promotions on Dr Susan Tatah's platforms upon which supporters and sponsors shall be motivated to supported and young creators. ENIE Awards shall create a platform for mentorship for youth on. the continent in the creative industry not just film makers.